Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Series Watch Order

How to watch the Fairy Tail series in Chronological order, including Episodes, Movies, and OVA’s. This is the best sequence to watch the Fairy Tail series to the best of our knowledge.

Fairy Tail

  1. Episode 1-68
  2. Welcome to Fairy Hills OVA
  3. Fairy Academy OVA
  4. Memory Days OVA
  5. Episode 69-124
  6. Phoenix Priestess Movie
  7. Episodes 125-150
  8. Fairy Tail X Rave OVA
  9. Episodes 151-154
  10. Fairies’ Training Camp OVA
  11. Episodes 155-170
  12. The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land OVA
  13. Episodes 171-203
  14. Fairies Penalty Game OVA
  15. Episodes 204-233
  16. Natsu vs Mavis OVA
  17. Fairies’ Christmas OVA
  18. Episodes 234-277
  19. Dragon Cry Movie

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