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I’m a 15+ year software engineer/manager, having worked with multiple clients through my business, as well as working full time through a contracting company with government and military based clients and currently in the private sector. I’ve worked with many languages/databases including PHP, ColdFusion, MySQL, SQL Server, Javascript, Java, JQuery, CSS, HTML, etc. Visit my Software Company:

I’m Co-Owner of AKA Anime Chronology. Head over there to visit the largest collection of chronological orders for anime in one database and location on the internet. We’ve done our best to compile and bring to you the most accurate and complete ordering of each and every Anime series that we can. We’re always adding more and would love your help if you decide to contribute! Go to the site and contact us.

I’m also an avid watch and coin collector who is very interested in vintage watches as well as modern day finds. I’ll post my ventures in watches on here, as well as any information about Vintage watch buying I can. Speaking of vintage watch brands, I’m proud owner of, a site detailing as best we can about the Universal Geneve watch brand. There is much history with this brand and those who want to learn more need to visit the site or buy the best comprehensive guide to Universal Geneve, by Pietro Sala called Universal Watch.

Hopefully you enjoy the content I provide, and if you don’t, well.. move along 🙂

— XenoShogun/p>

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