Pokemon Game Series Play Order

Pokémon Game Series Play Order

Here is a compiled list of the Pokémon series of games, in release date order when they came out. This is helpful for those looking to play the games in order and also to collect them (as I do).

And, here’s the list:

TitleSystemRelease Date
Pokémon RedGameboySep 28, 1998
Pokémon BlueGameboySep 28, 1998
Pokémon YellowGameboyOct 1, 1999
Pokémon Fire RedGame Boy AdvanceSep 9, 2004
Pokémon Leaf GreenGame Boy AdvanceSep 9, 2004
Pokémon Let’s Go (Pikachu! and Eevee!)Nintendo SwitchNov 16, 2018
Pokémon RubyGame Boy AdvanceMar 19, 2003
Pokémon SapphireGame Boy AdvanceMar 19, 2003
Pokémon EmeraldGame Boy AdvanceMay 1, 2005
Pokémon GoldGame Boy ColorOct 15, 2000
Pokémon SilverGame Boy ColorOct 15, 2000
Pokémon CrystalGame Boy ColorJul 29, 2001
Pokémon HeartGoldNintendo DSMar 14, 2010
Pokémon SoulSilverNintendo DSMar 14, 2010
Pokémon DiamondNintendo DSApr 22, 2007
Pokémon PearlNintendo DSApr 22, 2007
Pokémon PlatinumNintendo DSMar 22, 2009
Pokémon BlackNintendo DSMar 6, 2011
Pokémon WhiteNintendo DSMar 6, 2011
Pokémon Black 2Nintendo DSOct 7, 2012
Pokémon White 2Nintendo DSOct 7, 2012
Pokémon Omega RubyNintendo 3DSNov 21, 2014
Pokémon Alpha SapphireNintendo 3DSNov 21, 2014
Pokémon XNintendo 3DSOct 12, 2013
Pokémon YNintendo 3DSOct 12, 2013
Pokémon SunNintendo 3DSNov 18, 2016
Pokémon MoonNintendo 3DSNov 18, 2016
Pokémon Ultra SunNintendo 3DSNov 17, 2017
Pokémon Ultra MoonNintendo 3DSNov 17, 2017
Pokémon Sword and ShieldNintendo SwitchNov 15, 2019
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That concludes our main lists and series of the Pokémon Games. We tried to compile a complete list so please let us know if we are missing any and we will get them added right away!

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