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Best Waifu Anime Girls in 2020

Welp, the verdict is in! And although it is not the end of 2020 yet, we are pretty sure we’ve rounded up the best of the waifu anime girls in 2020 (and even some repeat offenders 🙂 ) and we’re listing them here for your enjoyment today.

By definition, Waifu is essentially any girls that you would “marry” if given the chance. AKA, Wifey Material. Go check out our Anime Terminology page for more anime related terms!

If you haven’t watched the anime series associated with these fine ladies, please go check it out and I will provide links to each in the articles!

Without further delay, feast your eyes!

  1. Bulma

    Series: Dragon Ball Super


    Bulma is undoubtably one of the best waifu’s in the Dragon Ball series. She is smart, rich, and quirky. She’s cute beyond measure and her relationship with Vegeta is quite the roller coaster ride with both of them having that underlying security that they love each other.

    If you’re reading this, there’s a 10 BILLION percent chance (see what I did there?) that you’ve already watched the Dragon Ball series, but if not, start checking them out by looking at our watch order pages or going to Crunchy Roll, Hulu, Funimation etc to see the full subbed and dubbed lists!

  2. Rukia Kuchiki

    Series: Bleach


    Rukia was one of the strongest and most loving female’s in the underrated Bleach series. She is such waifu material that most fans were itching to have Ichigo and Rukia become a couple and flourish together.

    This never happens of course, but their relationship is quite close throughout the series, considering their beginnings. Although part of the great Kuchiki family, Rukia is humble and driven. A wonderful waifu in my opinion, someone snag her up quickly!

    Check out the bleach series watch order if you haven’t already started watching it, it’s a good one!

  3. Tamaki Kotatsu

    Series: Fire Force


    This firecracker may not come off as the wifey type from the start, with her vulgar comments and boastful speaking which is heard from miles away, however when you shed away the facade she puts on “to be one of the guys” in the Fire Force, you’ll see she is smart, caring, and loving towards everyone around her.

    Tamaki would score high on our waifu chart, however don’t expect her and Shinra to get together any time soon!

    You can stream Fire Force, one of this summers hottest anime on just about any legal anime streaming service out there, including Funimation and Hulu for starters.

  4. Emilia

    Series: RE: Zero


    Despite the heavy amount of discrimination Emilia receives due to her looks (close to the Witch of Envy), Emilia is kind hearted and always wants to take care of others. Like any good natured woman she is stubborn but keeps everyones best interests at heart.

    She’s a hard working and caring lady which would take some warming up to but a very great waifu indeed.

    Watch on: Crunchy Roll

  5. Yu Mi-Ra

    Series: The God of High School

    Yu Mi-Ra

    As the God of High School comes to its grand finale for the summer this week, Yu Mi-Ra makes the cut in an odd but good way. She’s obviously caring of her team during this first season, but she’s also quite the persevering hard worker as well.

    She continues to hone her skills and get better at her Moon Light Sword style techniques. With an amazing body and a great and caring personality, it’s no wonder she made it on this list!

    Watch God of High School on: Crunchy Roll / VRV

  6. Natsume

    Series: Deca-Dence


    Natsume had a rough up-bringing, with all of the chaos in her life, losing a limb, losing her family, and much more. This created humbleness which is cute and adorable. She’s also sassy enough and street smart.

    Goal oriented and relentless, Natsume is certainly growing on us viewers and with the twists Deca-Dence is starting to throw I think we’re all thrilled to see where her character goes. Certainly a waifu in the making!

    Watch Deca-Dence here: Hulu

  7. Uzaki Hana

    Series: Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

    Uzaki Hana

    What can we say about Uzaki?? She’s quite adorable in her quest to help turn Shinichi into an outgoing and social being, vowing not to let him be alone for his remaining years at college! Uzaki is often mistaken for a younger elementary girl due to her short and petite figure–but fear not, she is a college age student!

    Uzaki has Shinichi’s best interest at heart and eventually starts developing feelings for him, which she makes super obvious during the season. She’s energetic, confident, and basically thrusting herself to Shinichi. What else could you want from a waifu on this list??

    Watch Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! on: Funimation

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