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7 Anime like Naruto

Naruto is a mainstay anime that is most likely in your top 10 if you have watched any number of anime shows. If you’re left wondering, “Where can I find more of that?!?” then you are at the right place. I am going to lay out more anime that share similarities to Naruto in several ways. Story line, shounen anime type, similar stylistic approach, etc. Obviously these will not be exactly the same, however I think you should give them a try as I believe you may enjoy them. Without further ado..

  1. Dragon Ball Z/Super

    Dragon Ball Super

    This is an obvious one for most, but just in case, I wanted to mention it. The main character of Dragon Ball Z (Goku), has the same aspirations as Naruto. Always challenging himself to grow and become the best, always pushing to the next level.

    They have huge similarities in both their personal aspirations, but also the friend circle that surrounds them. They both have a circle of friends that support them and help them pursue their goals. Also, both Naruto and Goku have similar best friend/rival relationships. Goku with Vegeta and Naruto with Sasuke, each always pushing each other to get better, sometimes through darker times than others, but always working it out in the end and moving forward. Dragon Ball Super is the latest installment of the Dragon Ball franchise, but if you haven’t seen the original Dragon Ball Z series, go back and start watching at Dragon Ball, or check out the watch order here: Dragon Ball Series Watch Order

  2. Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tail

    Filled with magic, similar to “Chakra”, the Fairy Tail guild is loaded with adventure and excitement as Lucy and Natsu move from epic situation to new beginnings. Fairy Tail encompasses a lot of what Naruto does in adventure, magic, and the charismatic Natsu character who has many similarities with our beloved Naruto. If you enjoyed the adventures of Naruto in the original series, you’ll love Fairy Tail, although it is lacking the “ninja” aspect, it still packs a punch and is well worth the watch! Check out the Fairy Tail Series Watch Order to get started today!

  3. One Piece

    One Piece

    I doubt this needs much introduction, however if you are unaware, One Piece is an anime that matches similar to Naruto and many others on this list. The series is long but rewarding. Luffy, the king of the pirates!, sails through various adventures with multiple uphill battles. With his team the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy takes on any and all challenges, similar to Naruto and his squad throughout Naruto and Shippuden. Although Luffy and his team are ultimately seeking the legendary treasure, Naruto is seeking to be Hokage.

    These stories can be easily intertwined with multiple similarities. Check out the One Piece Series Watch Order to get started watching the complicated and long series of One Piece!

  4. My Hero Academia

    My Hero Academia

    A relative newcomer in the anime space, My Hero Academia has won the hearts of many with its hero Izuku Midoriya and his gang all working hard to become professional Heroes! Izuku started out like Naruto, underprivileged and not loved because of his lack of hero ability that never seemed to develop with him. Surrounded by friends whom were developing their own hero attributes, Izuku was always left out. Naruto similarly always was trying to catch up to his friends and keep up with Sasuke, in his charge to become Hokage.

    Izuku and Naruto would be best friends if they were to meet, and likely push each other to new heights as they are both so strong-willed and determined to break the barriers stopping them from reaching their goals. From the best Hero to the best Hokage, check out My Hero Academia for a fun experience and adventure similar to Naruto. Get started by checking out the My Hero Academia Series Watch Order now!

  5. Bleach


    Oh, where to begin! Bleach is quite the thriller, action packed Shinigami theme, with epic fight scenes that can only be matched by the likes of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. Ichigo, our main badass, perseveres throughout the series to become a full fledged soul reaper, fighting through countless uphill battles and seemingly hopeless scenarios. Sounds familiar right? Bingo, just like Naruto! Be sure to check out Bleach if you haven’t already, it is well worth the time and quite favorable in my top 10 anime list of all time! Get started watching today by checking out the Bleach Series Watch Order

  6. InuYasha


    I may get some push-back on this recommendation, however I believe InuYasha deserves to be on this as it was well ahead of its time for the type of anime it set out to be. There are cross-similarities to Bleach and Naruto in various ways. Short fight scenes make up the bulk, similar to My Hero Academia or Fairy Tail. There are many romantic match ups throughout the series which create similar tension as did Naruto with always wanting to be with Sakura, until the end when he realized it was not the best for him as she had her heart set on Sasuke.

    InuYasha brings a smaller cast and a more “get-to-the point” mindset with very little filler in comparison. Despite these differences being pointed out, I still believe that even though the main plot of InuYasha is based on romance, I would say similar characteristics to achieve both goals (strength and power in Naruto, and romance and love in InuYasha). No matter where your opinion may fall, if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and add InuYasha to your watch list! You can view the InuYasha Series Watch Order to get started!

  7. Black Clover

    Black Clover

    Ahh yes, Naruto and Asta! These two characters might as well be clones of each other due to the many similarities they share. Its uncanny to be quite frank. I could list out all of the similarities between the two main character story-lines, however to put it short, they both want to become the top leader, (Hokage / Wizard King) and both are surrounded by supporting characters both useful and useless. These two anime are so similar, some say Black Clover is just a ripoff of Naruto, and that very well could be..

    However repetitive Black Clover may be with the fight scenes, if you enjoyed Naruto it is still worth the view and should only get better as the anime continues to come out. One thing I would also recommend is, if you are into the Manga, please read that as well because it does a much better job (so far) depicting the story and fight scenes, versus the animated versions. Get started with the Black Clover Series Watch Order here!

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Hopefully this has given some insight into a few more anime that are favorably similar to Naruto and gives you something new to watch this summer! Feel free to subscribe to updates on the blog by using the sidebar, or following us on Twitter for more content!

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